A Gown of Petals

“A Gown of Petals”
Thank the Lord, so excited for this painting!

ORIGINAL 15″ x 20.75″ watercolor on watercolor paper. Signed by artist.
Recently, I was inspired by a gown I saw which was exquisitely blue. I wanted to recapture the beauty, but didn’t know what to paint. Suddenly, I felt the Lord lead me to paint a flower. It reminded me of the verse where Jesus says that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like a lily of the field. And how much more will He clothe us! Just as each flower is beautiful and unique, every person is uniquely precious and significant. We do not have to worry about our lives, our body types, or about what will happen tomorrow. People are priceless to Jesus, and just as he sustains and takes care of the lilies of the field, he will take care of us too. Enjoy. <><


“A Gown of Petals” by Brittany Edsall


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