Coming back & the adventure begins!

5 Pianist Gets the Girl

Hello everyone!

Long time no post. Thanks for waiting and some exciting things have been going on over the past few months. Back in September, I closed my gallery and immediately started up my Masters in Illustration program with the Savannah College of Art and Design. It’s been intense and I am enjoying it!

The reason for the masters program is to hone my skills as a Visual Development artist. My passion is for art in the film industry and through my work, I want to make a difference and inspire others. Artists like Glen Keane, Jin Kim and Brittney Lee have been big inspirations to my life and work. While I’ve been keeping quiet on the blog, there’s been a lot developing in the studio. Most of the art you have seen on the blog has been along the fine art route, but here we go. I’m finally going to start posting my visual development works and character designs.

On the side, I have been writing a few Christian fiction novels as well, and some of these character designs are for the people in the stories. Also, some of my character designs are depictions of people who I know and some are simply for the joy of the art.  So many personalities to explore and get to know!

Currently I am illustrating a children’s book for a local author so I will probably be posting some of those pages along the way as well.

Thank you everyone so much for your support! Have a marvelous weekend and God bless!


“Pianist Joins the Party” by Brittany Edsall


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