Atlanta Zoo4

Hey everyone!

Well, it’s been way too long and I hope to be more consistent in posting from here on out. 😉 FEARLESS!

Hope that April has been wonderful so far for you. Last month, a friend of mine and I headed off to the Atlanta Zoo to spend a chilly day sketching the animals. Thank the Lord, it was cool enough that the animals were out and about, but not so cold we couldn’t feel our fingers drawing them. After a few minutes of catching the animals on paper though, we would laugh between slightly chattering teeth and move to more sunny areas to recharge with solar heat!

The giraffes were jaw-droppingly beautiful. Occasionally, they would gallop which is amazing to see in person. As for the other animals, I sincerely enjoyed drawing the lions. They were such funny, lazy bums – obviously enjoying the view of the inside of their eyelids rather than the people watching them.

Here are a few of the sketches from that day. Hope you enjoy them! Thanks everybody and have a great rest of the week!

God bless,



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