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Mermay and more

Hey everyone!

It’s been a long time since the last post! Moving and life swept me up! Here’s what I’ve been working on in the meantime. Thanks and happy 4th!!

God bless,
Brittany <><



Hey folks! This month is exploding with mermaid art for the hashtag #mermay. It’s a lot of fun seeing the art world play with a fun idea together as a community! Here is my first contribution! Thanks everybody and have a wonderful day!

God bless, 

Brittany <><

Lady V.

Lady V.

Hi everybody!

Hurray! Here is my latest character design. Meet Lady V.

Praise the Lord, this character was a lot of fun to design! She’s a charming scoundrel. She’s part of a story that I am creating. See if you can pick out the different periods in art that I was inspired by for her! There are actually quite a few…

Lady V.2

Technically speaking, the process for the final character design is basically as follows and was created digitally in Photoshop:

  1. Draw line work.
  2. Paint flat local colors on new layer underneath line work layer.
  3. Go back to your line layer, select and isolate the line work and paint it so that it compliments the local colors, such as using a lighter brown around the skin, or a darker brown around the eye makeup.
  4. Above both the line and color layers, create shading with a Multiply layer – Keep it simple. Once painted, reduce the opacity of the shading layer as needed.
  5. Above that layer, create highlights using an Overlay layer. Again, reduce opacity as needed.
  6. Use one of your textures that is painterly and really vibrant in color, clip it to your character’s shape and play around with transparency filters such as Overlay. Test out the different colors in hue/saturation, and play with opacity until it gives an effect you like.

Keep experimenting with your piece until satisfied with the final design, and tah dah! Have fun digital painting!
P.S. Some of the concept artwork for her costume design variations were created in Procreate using a soft and textured technical pen.

Thank you all so much! Have a fantastic week!

God bless,
Brittany <><
John 3:16


Current Projects

The Brave Tin Soldier - Poecan the Canary Poet


Hey everyone!
Hope you all are doing well!

Life has been really blessed and very productive! Currently, I’m working on a class with SCAD that gives a lot of leg room to the students to choose their project directions to help build up our portfolios. With this in mind, I’m working on creating a lot more in the way of pre-production artwork including character designs, value and color/lighting key studies, prop designs etc. for the story by Hans Christian Andersen “The Brave (Steadfast) Tin Soldier.”

This story has been in the back of my mind for a long time. It has a very sad ending, but if it were to be envisioned for a full-length movie, I’d like to imagine and create a happier solution to the end where the tin soldier actually does get the girl. For the class, I plan to design the Black Goblin (the jack in the box) and the Tin Soldier.

As an extra curricular project, I designed over the weekend this character named “Poecan” who is the canary poet. In the story, the narrator mentions that at night, while the other toys come alive, the canary also wakes up and starts speaking in poetry. His character is limited to this small reference in the whole plot, but I thought he might turn out to be a fun character to make more significant to the story.

Thanks for reading and I hope to post more visual development work soon!

Best Regards,



Character Design and Drawing

StudyOne of the most beautiful art forms in the world is drawing. It has such fluidity and motion, and almost seems to breathe.
Recently, I went down to Atlanta to hear a few people from Pixar share about their experiences with the company. (I survived I-85 – thank the Lord! Glad to be alive!) While I was waiting to enter the auditorium, I met several other students from SCAD. It was a joy to hear their goals in animation, production and visual development. One of the biggest things that made an impression on me was that they too absolutely loved the beauty of drawings. It was wonderful to be in such a community of artists!

As I continue in visual development, the character design works by artists such as Jin Kim and Carter Goodrich have been such inspirations. They know exactly how to bring out the emotions and quirky uniqueness of each character they get to create and know. Each personality has a history, likes, dislikes, convictions, vices and qualities. That is what I want to bring out in my work.

Here is an example of one of my characters. I don’t want to give a name for him or synopsis, but rather his personality to show through – who he is, and all of the above.

Thanks everyone for your support! Let me know if you have any tips on character development! All the very best to you and God bless!


Artwork by Brittany Edsall



Coming back & the adventure begins!

5 Pianist Gets the Girl

Hello everyone!

Long time no post. Thanks for waiting and some exciting things have been going on over the past few months. Back in September, I closed my gallery and immediately started up my Masters in Illustration program with the Savannah College of Art and Design. It’s been intense and I am enjoying it!

The reason for the masters program is to hone my skills as a Visual Development artist. My passion is for art in the film industry and through my work, I want to make a difference and inspire others. Artists like Glen Keane, Jin Kim and Brittney Lee have been big inspirations to my life and work. While I’ve been keeping quiet on the blog, there’s been a lot developing in the studio. Most of the art you have seen on the blog has been along the fine art route, but here we go. I’m finally going to start posting my visual development works and character designs.

On the side, I have been writing a few Christian fiction novels as well, and some of these character designs are for the people in the stories. Also, some of my character designs are depictions of people who I know and some are simply for the joy of the art.  So many personalities to explore and get to know!

Currently I am illustrating a children’s book for a local author so I will probably be posting some of those pages along the way as well.

Thank you everyone so much for your support! Have a marvelous weekend and God bless!


“Pianist Joins the Party” by Brittany Edsall